An Anatomy of Sino-Japanese Disputes and U.S. Involvement

- The best, single-volume source for historical and legal analyses of the Sino-Japanese islands dispute.

- Provides extensive coverage of the historical involvement of the United States in this territorial conflict.

- Written by a leading US expert on international relations, politics and law, and the security environment in the Asian Pacific.

The present treatise, his 22nd book, is a rare in-depth analysis of the Sino-Japanese island dispute from the perspectives of both history and the international law of territorial acquisition.  The broad approach examines the gestalt of the troubled Sino-Japanese relations going back to the 16th century, so that the reader will be adequately equipped to grapple with the true significance of the present contention over the Diaoyu/Senkaku island. The subject matter the book addresses not only concerns the two Asian giants, but also offers a test for the United States, more especially on how it is going to lead a Pacific-centric 21st century in world politics.

ISBN - 9781627740982

Pub Date - 5/1/2015

Price - $80.00

Format - Hardcover

Pages - 150

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