Cang Xiu Tang Series


Cang Xiu Tang Series

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The Cang Xiu Tang Series is a large comprehensive series written by Liu Wanrong during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). Liu Wanrong, the scholar and bibliophile, is little known in the West. While he was forced by his circumstances to be a businessman he found an outlet in learning and collecting books. The Cang Xiu Tang series consists of 6 sets, 40 books, and 217 volumes. The collection was printed in the sixteenth year of the Guang Xu Emperor (1890). The collection is divided into Confucian classics, history, various scholars’ works, corpus (Jing Shi Zi Ji). The scholars’ works contains a variety of contents, like art appreciation, history books, painting history, medical health and other famous masterpieces which are very rare. Among the Corpus part, Liu collected 3 works with important documentary accounts about the Qing Dynasty. 

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ISBN: 9787807525813

Format: Hardcover

Volumes: 15

Pages: 8,592

Trim Size: 7 9/32 x 10 15/64 inches

Pub Date: 4/25/14

Price: $1000

Language: Chinese

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