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Point of View New York City
A Visual Game of the City You Think You Know

Janko Puls

ISBN 9781627740883 
Format Hardcover
Trim Size 6x7
Pages 184
List Price $22 
Published June 2014

Point of View New York City is a photographic exploration of the world’s most exciting city. A travel guide, a riddle, and a map combined, Point of View New York City seeks to awaken readers’ curiosity, challenging them to figure out where and what the photographs depict. The photographs in Point of View New York City explore the many layers of the vast and always-evolving city of New York—playground, home, workplace, urban landscape—and the author seeks to push the reader’s knowledge of the city. Made for both tourists and locals alike, this interactive book will provide a unique experience for anyone who is interested in the sights of New York City—for tourists it will provide a more thrilling guide to the city, and for locals it will spark an entirely new way of looking at their beloved home. From the most recognizable landmarks to more obscure locations, the photographs collected here transcend the image of New York City that most are familiar with, diving into little known alleys and more intimate urban locations.



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