The Wealth of China:
Untangling the Mystery of the World’s Second Largest Economy

Gao Qiang and Yu Yi

Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781627740050 
Trim Size 6x9
Pages 256
List Price $24
Published February 2014

Format eBook
ISBN 9781627740326 
List Price $11.99

China’s stunning economic growth over the past three decades is mysterious to many observers. China’s rise poses numerous questions: How did China eclipse two hundred years of Western growth in just three decades? Why have money and wealth grown so quickly in China? Why does the Chinese stock market frequently experience extreme spikes? Why are Chinese property prices so unpredictable? Why are more and more high interest loans being made?

In The Wealth of China, prominent financial observer Gao Qiang and well-known economic scholar Yu Yi examine these and other questions in detail. From stock market bubbles to the prospect of financial deregulation, Gao and Yu combine their expertise to explore China’s diverse and complex economy. Along the way, they untangle the central mystery of China’s growth, with clear and candid commentary on a wealth of issues.

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The Wealth of China is well laid out, well organized, and a succinct work for such an expansive topic.” —ForeWord Reviews

Gao Quiang
Gao Quiang

About the Authors:

Gao Qiang is a well-known economic commentator, and the deputy chair of the Chinese Society of Financial Journalists. He is the producer of China Central TV’s (CCTV) popular entrepreneurial program Win in China!, and the head writer for China Memorandum. Gao is the author of the bestselling books How Wall Street Affects China and The Changing Face of Currency.


Yu Yi
Yu Yi

Yu Yi is a well-known economic scholar, specializing in the research of macro-economic and currency trends, as well as longer-term shifts in the general population. She has published several books, including Who Kidnapped Our Lives?Who’s Speculating in China?, and The Changing Situation—What Will Happen to China?

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