From Moon Cakes to Mao to Modern China: 
An Introduction to Chinese Civilization

Zhu Fayuan, Wu Qixin, Xia Hanning, and Gao Han

ISBN 9781627740029
Format Hardcover
Trim Size 6x9 
Pages 280
List Price $26
Published January 2014

To understand China, we need to step into the palace of her culture and explore her rich history. With this in mind, a group of scholars from China and America have put this book together as a primer on all things China, from art and science to religion and society. In this book they offer a panoramic view of Chinese culture, using only the most representative material to introduce the West to the most typical aspects of Chinese civilization and life.

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About the Authors:

Editors Zhu Fayuan, Wu Qixing, Xia Hanning, and Gao Han are scholars and experts in the analysis of traditional Chinese culture.


"VERDICT: Nearly anyone, even those with just a small interest in China, will find much to learn and enjoy here." —Library Journal