China Yearbook 2011

ISBN: 9781627740425
Format: Hardcover
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Published: March 2014

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Widely used by China watchers, CN Times Books is making the China Yearbook Series available in the United States and Canada for the first time. China Yearbook 2012 is the official annual report of the People’s Republic of China for 2012. Each year, China Yearbook provides a comprehensive review of China’s government, economy, civic society, environment, and more. China Yearbook 2012 is organized into more than 30 topic areas, each including several articles packed with commentary and current information on conditions in modern China. Articles are written by authorities, experts and specialists from the State Council, various departments under the CPC Central Committee, and from various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities.

Compiled by China’s Xinhua News Agency since 1980, China Yearbook is the authoritative review of the current situation in China. China Yearbook records China's achievements in implementing its reform and open policy initiatives, its modernization drive, as well as the major policy decisions and current events. China Yearbook 2012 is a key reference for decision makers in China, for businesses considering investment in China, and for other China watchers. As China continues to experience rapid change, China Yearbook provides a unique view of conditions inside what is both the world’s fastest growing economy, and the world’s most populous nation. 

Topics in China Yearbook 2012 include History, Geography, Land and Resources, Structure of the State, Political Parties, Justice and Law, National Defense, Foreign Affairs, National Unification, Population and Ethnic Groups, Religion, Labor and Social Security, Civil Affairs, National Economy, Money and Banking, Public Finance, Environment, Energy, Housing and Construction, Agriculture, Industry, Communications, Transport, Commerce, Administrative Regions, Tourism, Health and Safety, Science and Technology, Education, Culture, Sports, Intellectual Property, Human Rights, Women and Children, Major Events, and Government Documents. The Constitution of The People’s Republic of China is also included.