China Threat?

The Challenges, Myths, and Realities of China’s Rise

Lionel Vairon

ISBN 9781627740005
Format Hardcover
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Published July 2013

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Publication Date September 2014

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From the long-term threat of nuclear war between the US and China, to the disappearance of the African elephant due to Chinese demand for ivory, each week brings a new round of critique and denunciation of the risks China poses to the stability of the entire planet. While critics raise a certain number of fundamental questions that bear asking about this nascent superpower, the answers put forth are usually based on ideological or economic considerations. Lionel Vairon systematically challenges these views in this first English language edition of China Threat?

With an incisive review of China’s economic strategy, deployment of resources, national defence, political reform, ethnicity and religion, terrorism, and developments in human rights, Vairon amply demonstrates that China poses no threat to the world. On the contrary, China Threat? shows that China’s peaceful rise should be a matter of positive news across the globe.

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About the Author:

Dr. Lionel Vairon, CEO of CEC Consulting, holds a PhD in Vietnamese Studies, and master's degrees in Chinese language and culture and in Political Science. He taught at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO), Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris (HEC Paris), and the Collège Interarmées de Défense. He is also a lecturer in the Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale (France) and the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong. Vairon has worked as a journalist and editor, and served as a diplomat for 16 years, particularly in Cambodia, Thailand and Iraq, and was then assigned for five years at the French Ministry of Defense as expert in the North Africa and Middle East department.

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Praise for China Threat?:

"Former French diplomat Vairon (lecturer, Institut des Hautes études de Defense Nationale) offers a different look at China's rise to global power and what it means to the West. He aims to debunk the myth that China's ascension is a "threat" to the world by demonstrating how the rise is rather a peaceful one. Vairon notes that clashes in cultural values and economic politics are largely responsible for the West's perceptions and its anxiety over China's place in the world. Drawing on statistics, media sources, political papers, and academic works, as well as his own knowledge of the country and its people, Vairon gives an objective analysis of the historical and ongoing challenges in China. VERDICT Readers with an interest in international relations, history, political science, economics, or Asian studies may find this work an insightful take on the issues from China's perspective, and a corrective to their preconceptions. They should also consider Timothy Beardson's Stumbling Giant: The Threats to China's Future, which covers similar ground but explores China's domestic issues more closely. For those interested in seeing how China's economic developments may benefit the international landscape, this book is concise and worth reading."—Library Journal (Raymond Pun, New York P.L)

“Dr. Lionel Vairon is a seasoned French diplomat, journalist and expert on international relations. In his new book “China Threat? The Challenges, Myths and Realities of China's Rise,” he discusses the propensity of the West to engage in “China-bashing campaigns.”—International Business News

“Is China a threat? Not by nature, but perhaps by reaction.”—Forbes