China Speaks

Xinhua News Agency

ISBN 9781627740043
Format Hardcover
Trim Size 6x9 
Pages 208
List Price $60
Published November 2013

China’s rise on the international stage has been dramatic, inspiring a great deal of attention throughout the world. Picking up around the time of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the commentaries collected in China Speaks provide the reader with the perspective of reporters from the Xinhua News Agency on events not only in China, but in the world at large. These commentaries reveal not only how China sees the world and itself, but how this nation wishes to be perceived. The results are revealing and often surprising, and will appeal to both journalists and diplomats, in addition to anyone with an interest in contemporary Chinese politics.

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About the Author:

The Xinhua News Agency is China’s national news agency, covering a variety of media platforms. Its international department is an important journalistic agency, with a philosophy of reporting objective truth, shouldering the vast responsibility of reporting on China to the world. This book was written collaboratively by the journalists and commentators of Xinhua’s international department.