CN Times Inc. comprises the imprints Reservoir Square Books and CN Times Books

Reservoir Square Books, established in May 2014, is committed to publishing stimulating, enlightening, and entertaining nonfiction across a range of subjects including American and world history, business, politics, memoir, pop culture, and current affairs.

Launched in 2013, CN Times Books specializes in works that explore Chinese history, philosophy, culture, and current events, including translations of books published by CN Times Inc.’s parent company, Beijing Mediatime Books, and other Chinese publishers.

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George Zhu

President and Publisher

George Zhu is president, publisher, and founder of CN Times and the chair of its parent company, Beijing Mediatime Book Co., Ltd. In his 20 years of publishing experience, he has been involved with several pioneering ventures and built Beijing Mediatime into the market leader that it is today, resulting in its being rated as an outstanding regional enterprise in China.

Paul Myatovich

Sales and Marketing Manager

Paul Myatovich has been a Barnes and Noble front list manager, Baker and Taylor academic book buyer, and sales and marketing manager for several academic and scholarly publishing houses. He has also worked extensively with editorial and production department

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