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Art Mao

Chairman Mao (Mao Zedong) is one of the most reproduced men of all time: countless millions of interpretations remind the world of the man’s (and the myth’s) importance to China and the world. This visual celebration has been revisited in recent years through art: Chinese artists grappling with Mao’s legacy and his policies—and often challenging modern politics in China at the same 

Art Mao is the first comprehensive attempt to collate this remarkable art and present it in a portable, easy-to-use format. Art Mao, the little red book of Chinese art since 1949, includes works by artists Ai Weiwei, Yu Youhan, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhang Huan, Zeng Fangzhi, Shen Jiawei and Xiao Feng—to name but a few—and is published to coincide with the 120th anniversary of Mao’s birth.

ISBN: 9781627740951

Pub Date - June 2015

Price - $45

Format - Paperback

Pages - 442

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The Chinese Literary Canon

In The Chinese Literary Canon, one of China’s most brilliant critics puts three millennia of Chinese writing in its proper historical context. He shows us what to read and how to read it. Yu Qiuyu traces a bright line of the very best literature that China has produced: from the first carvings on bone, through the first poems, the first philosophers, the greatest historian, to the ultimate stylists of the Tang Dynasty and beyond. And because brilliant literature is always a product of its time and place, Yu tells us about the men who did the writing and the worlds in which they lived. Most of all, Yu tells us about the ideas that motivated them, how they read the writers of the past, and how each writer of genius transformed and added his own stamp to the literary canon. The Yellow Emperor, the Book of Poetry, Confucius and Laozi, the great historian Sima Qian, Cao Cao, Kumārajīva, Li Bai, Du Fu, Cao Xueqin… Their thread weaves in and out of the history of the first Chinese, the Warring States, the unification under Qin, the destructive split into the Three Kingdoms, and the cosmopolitan Tang Dynasty. All of this history is interpreted and presented in the warm, distinctive voice of a truly great reader, Yu Qiuyu.

ISBN: 9781627740920

Pub Date - June 2015

Price - $28

Format - Hardcover

Pages - 456

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An Anatomy of Sino-Japanese Disputes and U.S. Involvement

- The best, single-volume source for historical and legal analyses of the Sino-Japanese islands dispute.

- Provides extensive coverage of the historical involvement of the United States in this territorial conflict.

- Written by a leading US expert on international relations, politics and law, and the security environment in the Asian Pacific.

The present treatise, his 22nd book, is a rare in-depth analysis of the Sino-Japanese island dispute from the perspectives of both history and the international law of territorial acquisition.  The broad approach examines the gestalt of the troubled Sino-Japanese relations going back to the 16th century, so that the reader will be adequately equipped to grapple with the true significance of the present contention over the Diaoyu/Senkaku island. The subject matter the book addresses not only concerns the two Asian giants, but also offers a test for the United States, more especially on how it is going to lead a Pacific-centric 21st century in world politics.

ISBN - 9781627740982

Pub Date - 5/1/2015

Price - $80.00

Format - Hardcover

Pages - 150

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New Release - First Time in Paperback

From Mooncakes to Mao to Modern China: An Introduction to Chinese Civilization

To understand China, we need to step into the palace of her culture and explore her rich history. With this in mind, a group of scholars from China and America have put this book together as a primer on all things China, from art and science to religion and society. In this book they offer a panoramic view of Chinese culture, using only the most representative material to introduce the West to the most typical aspects of Chinese civilization and life.

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Spotlight Title 

Point of View New York City
A Visual Game of the City You Think You Know

Janko Puls

Point of View New York City is a photographic exploration of the world’s most exciting city. Janko Puls seeks to awaken readers’ curiosity, challenging them to figure out where and what his photographs depict.

“A thoughtful and unique take on the fabric of the city. Janko Puls sees the elements of New York in a new and refreshing way, focusing on what we would not have seen on our own.”
Richard Berenholtz


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"One of the best books on Chinese history in decades."— San Francisco Book Review

"An exciting entryway into the complex and relatively obscure history of ancient China."—Publishers Weekly

"An impressive attempt to capture a long-neglected part of history."— China Daily

Sixteen centuries ago, the last chieftain of the Xiongnu sought to unite China by force. In Tongwan City, the warlord Helian Bobo orders an impregnable city to be built, becoming the capital of an empire that will finally unite China. Meanwhile, another great man is quietly laying the groundwork for a nation. Kumarajiva is brought to the Chinese court to begin teaching the precepts of Buddhism to the Chinese. He embarks on a career of teaching and translating the foundational sutras into Chinese. As his influence begins to spread and his fame grows, the seeds of a unified China are sown.. In Tongwan City, Gao Jianqun relates an epic saga of murder and compassion in the grassland kingdom of the ancient Chinese frontier, while telling a parallel story of knowledge blooming in the center of Chinese life. Gao weaves into this tale seminal themes of Chinese history and culture: the connection between the warlike Xiongnu and their cousins the Huns, the Great Wall that was built to separate the Xiongnu from the Han Chinese, and the philosophy that ultimately united them.


October 2014


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Inspired by the famous Chinese fortune cookie, 60 Fortune Cookies compiles sixty proverbs filled with humor and wisdom. Perfect for reflecting on everyday life, these adages remind us that “love is blind to the future” and that “the cycle of life is no reason to be going in circles,” in addition to asking simple yet resonant questions to help us meditate on our lives. Each saying is complemented by a striking red and black image and a Chinese translation, displaying the beauty/elegance of Chinese calligraphy. Every page of this book gives readers of all ages a chance to crack open a fortune cookie and discover what is inside. With whimsical drawings, Chinese calligraphy, and both French and English text, 60 Fortune Cookies bridges the gap between cultures of the East and West with harmonious and universal themes.


November 2014


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Chinese poetry has over 3,000 years of history, and with it much diversity and influence. American poets such as Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, and David Hinton have been influenced by and even translated the poetry of ancient China. In  Collected Poems and Lyrics of Classical China: Translated by Xu Yuanchong, a Chinese scholar and translator brings revered works to new readers translated into English from his native tongue.<br><br>

Collected Poems and Lyrics of Classical China: Translated by Xu Yuanchong, contains more than 450 ancient poems from the Han, Tang, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, as well as poetry by the great Su Shi and song lyrics from throughout China’s history. This bilingual edition presents the Simplified Chinese text side by side with the English translation and includes pinyin phonetic guides (ruby) to aid in studying the Chinese. From pastoral lyrics to romantic odes, these poems illustrate for the reader the natural beauty of ancient China and capture the essence of its storied antiquity.


September 2014


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